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What We Do - BCYM


Children’s Ministry

Below you’ll find out what kinds of programs we have available to minister to vulnerable children. Click on the boxes to learn more.

Three-Day Children’s Camps

Follow-Up Events


 Youth Ministry

Below you’ll find out how we foster growth and discipleship in our youth. Click on the boxes to find out more information.




Home Visits

BCYM also makes regular home visits to build relationships with entire families. Click below to find out more.

Home Visits


Online Programs

BCYM is responding to the needs of those it can’t serve in person through its online programs. Click below to find out more.

Online Programs

Next STeps

Check Out Our Event Calendar

Take a look at our events calendar and find out where you can get involved.

Plan Your Visit

Thinking about sending a team to volunteer with BYCM? Click here to start planning your visit.

Get More Information

Not sure you’re ready to commit yet but you’d like to get more information on what we do? Send us a message and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Check Out Testimonies

Want to know what volunteers have said about their experiences with BCYM? Check out some of their testimonies.

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