Teaching Children

to Understand the Bible

Through dynamic, interactive teaching, BCYM aims to introduce biblical concepts to children and help them understand the messages that Christ taught about salvation and God’s love and forgiveness.

Teaching the Bible through Skits

By acting out scenes from the Bible with a translated narrative, foreign volunteers can help make Bible stories come alive for the children so that they better understand the message of God’s love.

Demonstrating Biblical Concepts

BCYM’s camps revolve around recurring themes that help cement Christian ethics and values into the hearts of the children.  They also teach about the love of God and the message of salvation that comes through Christ. Below are some of the most important themes that are taught at our camps.


For many children, it is difficult to understand how God could forgive all their sins. In a culture of honor marked by tribal revenge, hearing about the need to forgive and love one’s enemies is a totally new concept that causes children to start thinking about their relationship in a new light.


By teaching the message of the gospel, children are given a new hope for their lives and their futures. What originally seemed like a hopeless situation to them now becomes a life filled with hopeful possibilities thanks to Christ’s love.


Learning that they can communicate directly with God and that He hears their prayers is a fascinating new concept for many children. Many never realized that God could be so close and personal.


Contrary to the idea that one’s life is already “written”, the Christian message introduces the concept of free will and the need for each person to choose individually.


Instead of a god who is demanding and arbitrary, the idea that God sent His only son to die for sinful mankind shows a kind of unconditional love that is unknown to many children.


The message of salvation through believing in Christ rather than earning it through one’s own deeds is a concept unique to Christianity. Kids learn that by giving their hearts to Christ and asking Him to wash them clean of their sins they can be saved from hell.


By teaching about Heaven, kids can know that despite all of the hardships they may face here on earth, they can rest assured knowing that they have an eternal home with their Heavenly Father that is free from war, sickness, disease, and sorrow.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

– Proverbs 22:6
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