Helping kids connect with God through prayer

BCYM teaches kids the importance of prayer and spending time communicating with God. Through prayer, the children can know that they have a friend in God and that He hears them when they cry out to Him.

Prayer Requests

During every discussion group, leaders ask the children what they would like prayer for. Their responses range from asking for protection for their family and a safe return to Syria, to asking for Jesus to come live in their heart and wash them clean from all of their sins.

Pray with Us

It’s not only important that we teach the children to pray, but even more so that we commit to praying regularly for the children. Check out our prayer page to see how you can pray for BCYM. Below are some samples of what our campers request prayer for.

To Return Home to Syria

One of the most overwhelmingly common requests is to be able to return home safely with their families to Syria.

Protection for Family Members

Many children have been separated from their loved ones due to the crisis in Syria and seek to be safely reunited with them.

To Have a Clean Heart

Children are often moved to ask that Jesus come into their hearts and make them clean or that their hearts would be changed.

To Go to School

Most refugee children are unable to attend school here in Lebanon due to various reasons and thus many of the children request prayer to be able to go to school.

Love and Forgiveness

After hearing about the messages of God’s love and forgiveness, many children want prayer that God will forgive their sins and that Jesus will love them.

“Prayer was a fascinating concept to the kids at this camp. They had never heard that we could talk to God so directly. Some thought they couldn’t because he was so distant others that they couldn’t because they sinned too much. Yet over the course of the camp they learned that anyone no matter how bad they are they are still able talk to God.”

– Camp Volunteer
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