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Pray - BCYM


Your prayers for BCYM make a world of difference.

Here are some of BCYM’s current prayer needs. Hover over the boxes below to find out more!

Pray for BCYM as it seeks to remain relevant to the needs of the surrounding community and for the Church that it may continue to shine amidst these extremely challenging circumstances.

Volunteer Teams

We need volunteer teams to come help out at our 3-day camps in 2021. We still have a number of spots available! 

Next Year’s Camps

Pray for our planning for next year’s camps. That we may reach out to more kids and lead them to Christ.

Program Development

Pray for us as a team to work together towards developing more programs for BCYM.


Pray that the seeds that we are planting in kids’ hearts will be watered and grow to bear abundant fruit.

For God to Intervene in Lebanon

Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the families, children, youth, and parents, that BCYM ministers to and for God’s intervention in Lebanon, and in the lives of the people living here.

For Kids to Know Christ

Pray that children’s hearts and minds will be opened to receive the message of the gospel!


Pray that God may lead more people to realize the importance of this ministry with kids.

Follow-Up Events

Please pray for our follow-up events that we may reconnect with kids, develop long-term relationships with them, and that what they learned at the camps will be reinforced.


Please pray that we would meet our fundraising goals for this year so that we can finance all of the work we do with vulnerable children.
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