For the past couple months, a number of Home of Hope graduates have been attending online English lessons. During these sessions, they learn the basic components of English while covering important life topics to help them improve their social and vocational lives such as necessary soft skills, setting goals, self awareness and motivation. The girls have been openly participating and sharing what they would like to do with their lives, such as working as translators and serving the Lord. They believe that these English lessons will help them prosper in their future. Some of the girls were shy to read or talk in English at the start. However, through practice and extra sessions, they have gained the confidence and skill to communicate in English. They have also been learning valuable lessons that they have not been taught before, such as the importance of eye contact or teamwork. “Thank you for teaching us what we couldn’t learn from our families”, stated one of the girls. We hope and pray that these lessons will provide them with the tools needed in order to thrive.

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