Jesus once told His disciples that the Kingdom of God is like a small seed, that grows into a mighty tree that brings life to its surroundings. Each year BCYM meets over 1000 children at their events at which they aim to plant and nurture the seeds of the Kingdom in their lives.

Hiba has been coming to camps for several years and after a vibrant meeting with Jesus in a dream, decided to follow Him. BCYM has been meeting Hiba and her family regularly at follow-up events and through their weekly family visits. “When we first started meeting Hiba she was very curious and always asked lots of questions.” Pastor Joseph tells us, “Every time we visit her family, I sit and drink tea with them for many hours. They won’t let me leave until they get answers to all their questions.”

Pastor Joseph sees how much Hiba has grown in her faith over the past year. “It’s amazing to see her development! She’s not just growing in her own faith, Hiba is now leading a Sunday school group and is a real blessing for the younger children.”

The BCYM team believe that there is nothing more meaningful than planting seeds of the Kingdom in people’s hearts. And nothing can compare to seeing the seeds burst forth and develop into lives that are passionate for God and a blessing to others.

If you would like to explore the opportunities for you and your church to come join BCYM at one of their camps and together plant seeds of the Kingdom in the hearts of the vulnerable children, seeds of hope, joy and love that we pray will bear fruit in the years to come. Please contact for more information.

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