Home Visits


Building Relationships

In order to establish long-lasting relationships with children and their families, BCYM staff makes regular home visits to those living in refugee camps. This builds relationships with the community members and gets them connected to local churches.

Showing Committment

Home visits are an essential way for BCYM staff to follow up with the children they have come into contact with at the camps and also to get to know their families. This shows that they are committed to helping these families for the long term and discipling them to maturity.

Connecting with Families

Children and youth ministry doesn’t stop with the young. Everything we teach the children they go home and tell their parents. Through their testimonies many parents have also become aware of the life-giving reality of knowing Jesus Christ. This has opened the doors for many of our staff members and other local church members to connect with the families and develop lasting relationships with them.


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Finding Joy in the Midst of Hardship


“After the camps the team split into groups and travelled with members of the True Vine Church to visit refugee families. One of those families had been living in the valley for close to three years.  The father worked in a nearby field but only for half of the year in order to help out the eldest son who was 13. This boy walked to a barber shop everyday, worked 11 hours a day and was only paid $10 a week for his labor. Yet through all this hardship the mother was beaming with joy throughout the entire conversation. As tragic as the Syrian War has been, she said that without it her family would have never found the love of Christ and for that she thanks God everyday. Genesis 50:20 states, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.” Hearing these stories from people who have seen true evil from the hands of men and still have joy and hope in God shows the unbelievable providence and protection our creator gives us. His love can conquer all things.”


–Visiting Team Member

The Powerful Message of Forgiveness

“Each day we shared with the children a message about the life of Joseph, and a couple of weeks after the camp Pastor Joseph was visiting the family of one of the children who attended the camp. Every day this boy would return home and share with his parents what he had heard at the camp. On the final day when we had spoken about how Joseph forgave his brothers, even though they had sold him into slavery, the boy shared this powerful message with his family. When his father heard this bible story he started crying; he had experienced the terrible effects of retaliation upon retaliation in Syria, and in this passage, he sensed how the world truly should and with God’s grace could be.”


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