Teaching Kids to Just Have Fun!

Sometimes kids just need to be allowed to be kids! By playing games with the children we help them to form communiity and to interact positively with one another in a way that is wholesome and healthy. 

Show vulnerable children love by playing with them

When volunteers come help out at camps, one of the best ways that they can connect with the kids and show them how much they care is through playing games with them. By just having fun together, all language barriers are broken down allowing for the language of love to abound!

Popular Games

Some of the kids favorite games are the same games that you played as a kid too! Check out the list below to see if you know some of the games

Duck Duck Goose

The classic game where you sit in a circle and one person walks around the circle tapping everyone on the head said “duck”. Once that person finally chooses someone to be the “Goose” he quickly runs away from the chosen goose and runs around the circle until he takes his spot without being caught by the new goose.


Soccer (football for you Brits) is an all-time favorite with these kids who will never turn down a good match.


Yes, the BCYM campground has a trampoline! Kids love jumping on the trampoline for three minutes at a time.


The giant blue and multi-colored parachutes are an excellent activity to teach kids to work together in coordination.


Various challenge races teach the kids balance, skill, and teamwork. Trying to see who’s the fastest while holding a balloon between one’s legs or a spoon with ping pong ball in one’s mouth is no easy task! Through these activities our campers can develop super skills!


Jumprope activities are especially popular with the girls.

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