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Donate - BCYM

Partner With Our Ministry

BCYM’s ministry among vulnerable children is dependent upon generous donations received from all over the world. As an organization, we are grateful for all the contributions, both large and small, that enable us to continue reaching out to children with the life-changing message of God’s love.

If you would like to participate in our ministry’s work by giving us a gift, please follow the links below.

Greatest Needs

BCYM’s Camp in a Box

Help BCYM to continue delivering spirit-filled, inspirational boxes to needy kids all over Lebanon. Your contribution will go towards a storage box filled with gospel-centered books and activities as well as all craft supplies needed to complete them.

Sponsor a box for $35

3-Day Kids’ Camps

Enable BCYM to deliver a message of love to disadvantaged children and provide activities that help meet their spiritual, emotional, physical, and recreational needs. Your gift will help fund our popular 3-day Camps which introduce children to Biblical values such as compassion, grace, peace, justice, acceptance of others and forgiveness and by doing so counter the violent messages of extreme groups in this region.

Sponsor a child for $159

1-Day Follow-up Events

An essential addition to our Camps is our program of regular 1-day kids’ clubs, which enable us to build on relationships with the children first developed during the camps. Through these longer-term relationships, the children learn to trust us more and we can minister to them on a deeper level. Your gift will help cover the costs of these follow-up events which includes transportation, food, equipment and materials.

Sponsor a child for $53

Youth Leaders Training

Local leaders are vital for the success of BCYM children activities. Your gift will enable us organize a 2-day training session for our leaders so that they can be equipped in their service to vulnerable children and refugees. 

Sponsor a leader for $85

Spiritual Development Conferences for Young Adults

As young people’s identities and values are being shaped, we want to provide them with a program that acknowledges the challenges and temptations of their stage in life and of the society they live in, while at the same time celebrating their potential. Your gift will enable us to hold 2-day Christian Youth Conferences. The conferences will give these young people the opportunity to discuss and reflect on topics relevant to their daily lives.

Sponsor a youth for $100

Sunday School Training

In 2020 BCYM is starting a new program to train Sunday School leaders. Through this program we hope to equip church leaders and volunteers to work with the children, teaching them the love of Christ and instilling Christian values in them.

Sponsor a Sunday School Teacher for $40

Friends of BCYM

Give a monthly donation to share joy, hope, and love with vulnerable and refugee children in Lebanon and receive regular updates from BCYM.


Make a monthly 

donation of $50

Giving Options

Choose your country of origin.

USA & All Other Countries

Don’t worry if you’re not from the UK! Our partners from the rest of the world can still donate and receive an official receipt of giving through our partners at MEBO (Middle East Bible Outreach), which is a registered 501c3 organization and a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

United Kingdom

Our partners in the UK can send their donations through give.net, which is powered by Stewardship, a Christian charity in the UK.

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