Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups

Helping Children to Understand the Gospel Message

Through small discussion groups, BCYM volunteers have the opportunity to connect more closely with children and develop relationships with them. During this time, volunteers and campers discuss the teachings they have heard to ensure understanding. It also provides a chance for children to ask their questions about the Bible stories and other concerns they may have.

A Chance to Pray Together

During the small group discussion time, children can share their prayer requests with camp volunteers and pray together with their peers as a way of receiving support.

One child shared in small group, “I am a Christian and follow Christ. I want to read the Bible but my parents will not let me have one.”

Camp Volunteer

Forming Community

Through discussion groups, the kids get to know one another and their leaders better. This time shows them that they are not alone and they can feel supported when going through difficult times.

That day, the team had performed a drama about some people fighting over who got to play with a certain toy. In the discussion groups afterwards, one of our leaders asked the children if they had had any similar experiences. One of the boys shared that another one of the other boys in the group always used to steal the football and not let him play. He said that he was very angry towards this other boy and felt a lot of bitterness because of this. The leader let him explain his emotions and started a dialogue with the second boy so that they could understand each other. He then asked the older boy if he was willing to ask for forgiveness and promise that he would not do it again now that he understood how it made the younger boy feel. They both agreed to this and felt that they could now play together and that the bitterness had been overcome by forgiveness.


– Camp Volunteer
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