Bringing the Joy of Art to Kids!

By doing crafts, vulnerable and refugee kids get to experience the joy that comes through creative expression. Many of these children’s families cannot afford to purchase art supplies and some of the kids we work with have never even held a marker before! Doing crafts allows them to leave behind the troubles of life and simply enjoy making art in their own unique way.

Reinforcing Biblical Stories through Crafts

Each craft is directly related to the biblical message that the children heard taught earlier in the day, which helps reinforce the messages and concepts that they have learned. Doing crafts at the end of each camp day also gives the kids a chance to take their projects home with them to show to their families.

Using art to present the gospel

“During both the flag making and paper plate mask crafts, one girl took the opportunity to create something with a very powerful message. Her flag had a picture of a church with a heart around a cross and the word love inside it and on either side the church had people and the flag of Syria. In the great hardship the country is facing she sees the love that Jesus and the church have for the people of Syria. On the final day we made masks and the same girl again used the theme of love. Her mask had another heart and the phrase “love you” on it. And it was surrounded by all the names of the camp leaders.”

-Camp Volunteer

Giving Kids Something They Can Take Home

Most of the crafts the children do at the camps can either be taken home with them at the end of the day, such as bags and necklaces, or can be eaten as a delicious snack, such as these candy paralytics!

Join the Fun

When you come to help out at a BCYM camp, bring along your favorite craft projects to teach the children. They are always excited to learn new things.

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